The Yohannes Sisters

The Yohannes sisters design is the brainchild of Lilly and Zeze Yohannes who started their fashion line as a dedication to love. After moving back home eighteen years ago, the sisters fall in love with Ethiopian traditional fabric and felt the need of introducing it to the world. With each dress of gown made using the distinctive mix of traditional Ethiopian fabric, with slice hint of western fabric, it is one can only be described as the embodiment of perfection.

Their darling designs, exquisite tailoring, and superior quality do indeed make each dress the product of a labor of love.If you buy the Yohannes sisters’ creation, you know you own a unique dress designed exclusively for you.Your tastes in color, style, and fabric are scratch and created exclusively for you.

The Lioness Arising



The Lioness Arising collection was inspired by the new strong and independent Ethiopian woman who has overcome adversity to exalt her femininity. The collection features bold colors of Emerald green, black, and gold with close-fitting cuts and daring necklines made of traditional Ethiopian fabric of Saba and Mennen.
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