The Lioness Arising

The Lioness Arising collection was inspired by the new strong and independent Ethiopian woman who has overcome adversity to exalt her femininity. The collection features bold colors of Emerald green, black, and gold with close-fitting cuts and daring necklines made of traditional Ethiopian fabric of Saba and Men.They include;

  1. The Sabalace
  2. The SeQueen
  3. The Hendeki
  4. The Nafertiti


The Enat Collection

The Enat collection is inspired by mothers, more specifically Ethiopian mothers symbolized by the designers’ own mother. This collection is a celebration of the simple, uncomplicated and unconditional love and devotion given by mothers. The gowns, with cream and gold hues, are mostly made of specially Menen fabrics. The admiration and gratitude felt by the designers for Ethiopian mothers are expressed by the original hand embroidery and hand woven fabric.They include;

  1. The Tsehinesh
  2. The Dinkinesh
  3. The Workinesh
  4. The Enkunesh