Social Impact

SLE Global Group understands Corporate Social Responsibility to be an ethical commitment present in all its partnerships and companies and areas where it works, in its treatment of its employees, customers and society as a whole. It considers its staff and partnerships as its key assets. Therefore, its selection, training, management, promotion, the exercising of its rights, and safety are among our basic priorities. Selection is done through collaboration with universities and training centers and by looking for already accredited professionals who bring their experience and knowledge to the Group.
Training is regulated by Training Plans, with the goal of adapting technological advances to the activities, developing personal abilities, learning languages for an open market, obtaining professional qualification, and everything that is pertinent to the corporate social responsibility of the Group: Safety, Quality, Continual Improvement, and the Environment.
Management is inspired in the ethical codes of equal opportunity, cultural diversity, internal promotion of the most outstanding employees, and demanding values such as involvement, responsibility, dependability, and commitment
SLE Global embraces Social impact on multiple levels:
  • 100 people direct per factory
  • 1,500 people on–site construction 1,500 people through Service providers
  • A large number of local new jobs to service employees
  • SLE Global will pursue gender equality both on workers as well as management level
  • Basic medical facilities for employees and their families
  • Nutritional education for employees and their families

  • All employees will get a bank- and savings account
  • All employees will get a medical insurance
  • All employees get a funeral insurance for the employee and its partner
  • All employees get a mortgage program after working one year for the company
  • Access to clean water for the community through boreholes
  • All employees are expected to participate in company community programs
  • The foundation will sponsor non focus local initiatives
Education Internal
  • Basic education including financial and language education for employees and partners •Basic education for the children of our employees
  • Scholarships for the bright students to continue higher education
  • Training for middle and higher management
  • Training for those employees that at some point wish to start their own development company or other SME

Education Externally
SLE Global will work together with local solar school, vocational schools, technical schools and universities to continuously train young people to use the latest building techniques. The best will get a chance for an internship or employment

The goal of the foundation is to sponsor local initiatives that are not directly related to the construction activities and goals of the company